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SunFaith - your trustworthy business consultant in China

Starting a business in China is a lucrative proposition for any business houses. To successfully launch a business in China and to ensure growth of your business, you need to have thorough understanding of this complex market. Along with having comprehensive knowledge of the market trends and customer behavior, you also need to have clear conceptions about the laws of the land. For example if you are planning to launch a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit in China you must be well aware of pharmaceutical regulatory service in China. Operating since 1996, SunFaith is a professional business consultant in China. We have country wide presence and huge experience of handling different complex issues pertaining to wide range of businesses. Following are the three areas of service we provide:

Why do some organizations excel within their industry? Do they know something the rest of us do not? Yes! They know the value of business and competitive intelligence. We at SunFaith have excellent market research services that will help you know the Chinese business scenario better and effortlessly plan your China business strategy. Through our industry reports, market/industry study, strategic and market entry analysis, competitive intelligence analysis, business research, marketing and customer analysis and due diligence investigation, we show you the right direction for the success of your business ...

China market is a dagger with double-edges for brand owners -- emergence of great opportunity and threatening of rampant counterfeits and IP infringements. While conducting business in China you need to be very careful about your intellectual properties and intangible assets. Operating from 1996, Sunfaith IP provides effective IP protection through flawless registration process, country wide monitoring, litigation services, intellectual property valuation, commercialization support and ...
Years of self-reinforcing operations have endowed SunFAITH with a teamwork of professionals substantially sophisticated in almost all categories of investigative actions. At SunFaith, we have a professional workforce to carry out effective corporate investigation China. Through our company due diligence services we ensure that all your potential business deals are profitable. Our personal due diligence services ensure that you hire the best people as your employee and monitor them regularly to track down corruptive activities ...

Ensure a successful business venture in China with SunFaith.

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