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Healthcare Marketing Research China

Healthcare marketing research China solutions of SunFaith can put your pharmaceutical company way ahead of your competitors

As a professional market research service provider, healthcare marketing research China is one of our specialty areas. We have country wide presence with offices at the key locations, 70 full-time research professionals, a proprietary network of 500 technical & science experts, and national research affiliates to provide you the best possible healthcare marketing research China. With our dedicated healthcare market research service, you will get comprehensive insight of the industry and thereby enjoy an edge over your competitors in this immensely competitive Chine pharmaceutical market, which is brimming with business. A few facts:

  • In the first half of 2005, the gross industrial output value of pharmaceutical industry in China has reached RMB 212.54 billion, which is 23.45% higher than the previous year.

  • The sales incomes of the same period stood at RMB 197.57 billion, up by 24.64%.

  • Traditional Chinese Medical had sales increase of 28.18% and profit increase of 25.03% in the first five months of 2005.

  • Chemical medicines achieved a sales increase of 11.95% and profit increase of 20.95%.

If you run a pharmaceutical company and planning to start operation in China, SunFaith can help you get in an advantageous position through holistic market research solutions.


Starting a Business in China

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Service

Here, we are presenting an overview of our market research service-

Industry reports - Our industry report is the result of our extensive large scale primary market research projects. This primary research data that is complied by the experienced team of analysts of SunFaith, give you a detailed analysis of market trends and highly accurate forecasts.

Market/Industry Study - Our detailed and effective market and industry study provide you with a thorough analysis of the market trends, sales details, industry structure and company profiles. With these extensive studies, you get comprehensive idea of the emerging trends in the Chinese healthcare industry.

Strategic and Market Entry Analysis - At SunFaith, we help our clients to identify the best prospect market through opportunity analysis, market entry evaluations, and strategic reporting. We provide them with detailed evaluations of best possible market entry strategies and help them formulate appropriate responses to identify changing markets and competitive environments.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis - Our competitive intelligence analysis will help you keep a tab on your competitors. This service helps you in your strategic planning process with a proactive understanding of the competitive intelligence of the industry and the market.


Conducting Business in China

China Business Strategy

Business Research - Our business research provides you with a professional analysis of a company's overall condition (history, payment, finance, banking practices, public record, and operation) through easy-to-read as well as standardized format and layout in logical order.

Marketing and Customer Analysis - In this service we accumulate quantitative data and qualitative opinions from the customers, who actually make up the market. The comprehensive information that you receive from these surveys give you comprehensive idea of the requirements and opinions of the market.

Due Diligence Investigation - We take discrete and confidential approach to search official databases of government departments, interview suppliers and company staff. Thereby we gather comprehensive and key information, which is relevant for the healthcare marketing research China and otherwise difficult for you to obtain.

Call us at +8621 6334 3636 to hire the healthcare marketing research
China service of SunFaith.


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